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Hull cleaning and zinc/anode replacement

This includes cleaning your boat from the waterline down. All running gear is cleaned and checked. Thru hulls are cleaned and inspected, zinc anodes are checked and replaced if needed. Propellers are checked for damage.
Hull cleaning is very important
A major cost of operating a ship is the cost of fuel. The average six-month accumulation of barnacles on the hull of the ship can produce enough drag to force the vessel to burn 40-50% more fuel than normal when cruising.

Unclogging fouled suction grates improves the flow of water to internal machinery and reduces pump wear.

Cleaning the hull regularly lengthens the effective life of the anti-foulant coating.

4 Zinc anodes are placed on hulls, propeller shafts, rudders, trim tabs, outboard engines, stern drives, and in the cooling system of most inboard engines to protect their metal parts from galvanic corrosion.