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Our Poli Glow Service

Poli Glow is a new concept in boat polish, it is a clear coat, not a wax. As fiberglass ages, UV rays change the gelcoat finish, microscopically pitting it so light rays are scattered randomly rather than being reflected in one direction. The result is a dull, faded, hull that only looks good when it gets wet.
Poli-Glow restores the shine. It is easily applied with no rubbing or buffing, just wipe on. It will not wash off with soap and water, and lasts for 12 months.

Poli Glow will work on the following: Boats, Canoes, Painted Fiberglass, Painted Metals, Rubber and Vinyl Lettering.

We have experience in applying Poli Glow with great results. We especially recommend Poli Glow for old fibre glass.

If you would like to see what Poli Glow can do for your boat, and make your boat surface look like new (saving money and time), call us for a free quote!